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Our company has a branch that provides services in the field of architecture and spatial planning.

What separates us from others:


Terestric laser scanning represents the technology of the newer generation. This technology involves the collection of large amounts of data (up to 1 million points per second) and thus provides a high-quality view of the observed object / phenomenon. The detail of the data collected in this way is superfluous to talk about. Terestric laser scanning has an extremely large application in: architecture, 3D modeling, construction, protection of cultural monuments, industry, calculation of quantities on mines / quarries, etc.


The development of technology has enabled the massive application of aerial photographs – the collection of field information from the air. With the use of unmanned aircraft, a high-quality orthophotographic video has become a daily routine. With good analysis, calculation and data processing, it is possible to provide a high accuracy geodetic basis.


On a number of cadastral plots, one or more building plots can be formed on the basis of the project of preparation, in the manner and under the conditions specified by the planning document. On one cadastral parcel, a number of building parcels can be formed, which can be divided by parceling to a minimum determined by applying the parculation rule or by compaction by the division. Our company offers a complete service from geodetic recording to submission of the study to the competent Real Estate Cadastre for the implementation of changes.


At the request of the investor, and in accordance with the Decision on drafting the planning document issued by the competent authority for its adoption, we are preparing a planning document.


Geographic information system is a system for collecting, integrating and analyzing spatial data. One of the many advantages of GIS is the organization of spatial data and their attributes in a way that by their analysis, the user easily finds conclusions crucial to further development and strategy.

Maintaining Real Estate survey

Our business company performs geodetic surveys for registering changes in the real estate cadastre plan (construction of a building, upgrading of the building, demolition of the building, etc.)

Legalization of Buildings

For all illegally constructed objects, we perform the land-based geodetic recording and production of reports on the current state in accordance with the Law on legalization.


We provide search services and geodetic surveying of underground installations for the needs of registering changes in the cadastre plan.


As a member of the consortium, our company has participated in several projects for the organization of land territory by land consolidation. Komasacija (lat.commassatio-grupisanje) is the most complex system of measures that implement spatial, urban and other plans for landscaping.


Precise geodetic measurements are often necessary in the construction of civil engineering and building construction. Also, precise geodetic measurements are necessary when determining the sagging and deformation of different objects and phenomena. All geodetic measurements of this type require extensive and detailed preliminary analysis of the problem with a predefined method of realization and control of the measurement itself and the obtained results.

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Our Mission Vision

Our mission is to offer our clients and partners the best solutions through a strong business strategy, through professional and complex service, as well as adapting to individual requirements and counseling.

We are trying to keep the name of a modern, innovative and efficient company, which offers the highest quality services in the field of geodesy and urban planning, and at the same time contributes to a higher quality of life for our clients.

We create an image of a modern, responsible and well-organized company that confirms the certificates we own.

Responsibility towards clients and partners – respecting contractual obligations and business codes, through synergy and trust, we build success, and with success we confirm that we are a reliable partner in the business.

Our mission is to offer our clients and partners the best solutions through a strong business strategy, through a range of renowned products and a complex service, as well as adapting to individual requirements and counseling.

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