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About us - ABA Professional

The new name of the company - ABA PROFESSIONAL DOO. The company ABA - GEODETSKA KUĆA DOO was established in 2010. Its activity is done under this name until 2018 when it changes its name to ABA Professional DOO. Name change arises as a result of a wide range of services business company provides. In addition to services in the field of geodesy and geoinformatics, our company has a branch that provides services in the field of architecture and spatial planning.

ABA Professional

ABA Professional

Why choose us?

Laser Scanning

The most efficient and reliable method of collecting a large amount of data about an object / occurrence

Urbanistic - Technical Documents

Complete service during parcel division, geodetic surveying, project realization & implementation

Aerophotogrametry For Smaller Surfaces

Drone surveying for the needs of the DOF, design and urban planning

Urban Planning

Development of urban plans for smaller locations for investors request

Maintaining Real Estate survey

Cadastral surveying, maintaining cadastral maps & land property

Legalization of Buildings

Preparation of projects & geodetic works of building legalization

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